BInformed: Lead Times

What is the Lead Time for products?

There are two basic types of lead times, “Production” lead times and “Shipping” Lead Times.  Unless otherwise, noted, most lead times listed on the product description pages of the site reflect the typical Production lead time. 

Production lead time is based on normal business operations.  In some cases, production lead times may vary based on factory capacity and other factors.  For example, holiday products may have longer lead times during peak holiday sales periods between September and December than under normal circumstances.  Lead times are typically based on business days excluding weekends and holidays.  It is important to note that some factories observe non-standard holidays including extended closures for certain holidays.  BNoticed will generally include the current lead times on your quote.  Of course, it’s important to recognize that this information can change from day to day and lead times may vary from those on the quote if there is a delay in finalizing the order.

It is important to note that Lead Times do not begin until orders are finalized and submitted to the factory for production.   For an order to be finalized, it must include payment, approved artwork in acceptable format (see Artwork Requirements) and any proofs required must be approved.   Any delay in placing order, submission/approval of artwork, payment or proof approvals may result in longer Lead Times.  This may result in impact to estimated delivery dates or necessitate additional rush production/shipping costs (if available) to meet desired in-hands date.   Customers with near-term event dates are asked to provide prompt responses for approvals to avoid such impacts. 


Estimated shipping lead times are based on standard delivery times from 3rd Party Shipping Carriers (e.g. UPS, FedEx, etc.).  Unless specified otherwise, estimated shipping lead times are based on standard ground shipping and reflect business days excluding holidays.  Shipping lead times within the continental US typically range from 1-5 business days.  Items shipped internationally (e.g. from overseas factories or to overeas customers) will vary and are subject to Customs delays outside of BNoticed’s control.  Where applicable, upgraded (e.g. overnight, 2-day, etc.) shipping at additional costs may be required to support event dates.  Actual shipping Lead times may vary based on inclement weather and other factors outside of BNoticed’s control.  Also see Terms and Conditions.

What if I need products faster?

In many cases, factories offer rush production options in the event that you need products sooner than the normal production lead times.  In some cases, there may be additional rush production costs associated.  Also, there may be limitations on the number of imprint colors and/or imprint locations that can be printed using rush service.  If you need a product for a near term event, contact a customer service representative to assist in determining rush options.  In addition, we may be able to suggest comparable products that are available with shorter lead times.

In addition to rush production, expedited shipping options may be necessary to support near term event dates.  Expedited, or Upgraded, Shipping is typically provided through 3rd Party Shipping Carriers (e.g. UPS, FedEx, etc.) and consistent with their standard upgraded shipping options in most cases.  It is worth noting that there can be considerable costs differences between standard ground shipping and upgraded shipping options, particularly overnight shipping.  Whenever possible, BNoticed will provide an estimate of the shipping costs at the time a quote is prepared.  It is important to point out that delays in finalizing an order may necessitate further shipping upgrades beyond that reflected in the quote.