BInspired: Commemorative Ideas

Whether it’s a new product launch, groundbreaking for a new building or a family reunion, there are a wide range of milestones that deserve to be commemorated both in recognition of their significance and as an opportunity to reflect upon in the future. There are a variety of custom logo products that can serve as keepsakes to help commemorate such key events from the traditional to the contemporary. 
What makes a good commemorative gift? While nearly any promotional product can easily be customized to serve as a commemorative keepsake, we recommend looking for products that people like to collect (or might like to collect) and display… and, if they’re functional, all the better.
Here’s some great commemorative gift ideas that might just inspire your own:

Imprinted Plaques

Custom Plaques are one of the most traditional ways to commemorate a milestone whether it’s as a service award for employees, groundbreaking for a building or acknowledgement of a major donation. Of course, custom plaques are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and materials from traditional wood plaques to contemporary acrylic plaques.
In addition to traditional plaques, Custom Perpetual Plaques are also available for recurring events.  These plaques are able to be engraved with names of each occurrence's winner. 

Custom Lapel Pins

Customized Lapel Pins are a popular commemorative gift. At those major sporting competitions that happen every four years in different countries, the various teams and organizations involved frequently design their own custom lapel pins to trade with other participants and spectators. It can be a great way to get people to connect while providing them with a memento of the event for years to come... and, they don't take up much room in their luggage!
Traditional die struck and cast metal lapel pins have lead times running in the 4-6 weeks depending on options selected while newer epoxy dome lapel pins can typically be produced in 5-10 days. What to really BNoticed?  Consider Custom Bobble Head Lapel Pins.

Commemorative Plates

Remember those commemorative plates that Grandma (or Great Grandma) had displayed in her dinning room hutch?   You remember, they featured scenes from some of those exotic travel destinations like The Ozarks or pictures of iconic figures like the Pope or maybe Elvis. Well, they’re still available and with the popularity of retro products, they could be a great way to commemorate a present day destination or icon... be a Belieber?

Custom Coins

Like Lapel Pins, Custom Coins and Medallions continue to be a widely popular commemorative gift. Many companies use Custom Coins to mark major accomplishments as well as to commemorate events.  Coins may be used as part of a service award or to commemorate a retirement, for example.  Many Naval Commands provide distinguished visitors with custom coins to commemorate visits to ships or bases. 
Coins can be designed with one or two custom sides and can include color fills for added appeal.  There are even accessories available so that people can display their Custom Coin collections.

Custom Ornaments

Custom Holiday Ornaments are frequently used to commemorate winter events. Many companies provide employees with Custom Ornaments at their annual holiday parties. In addition, non-profit organizations will frequently offer Custom Holiday Ornaments  as part of an annual fundraising effort that encourages donors to participate each year to maintain their collections.  And, many brides and grooms offer guests Custom Ornaments as keepsakes from their fall and winter weddings. 
Lead times for ornaments can vary depending on the level of customization.  Many fully customized ornaments are manufactured overseas which can result in lead times of 90 days or longer.  For that reason, a good rule of thumb is to order Custom Ornaments by Labor Day to ensure the best selection with delivery prior to Christmas.

Custom Wine Charms

Custom Wine Charms are increasingly popular with the ever increasingly popular.  They are a popular keepsake for weddings and holiday parties.  They can also be a great fundraising item particularly when used in conjunction with wine tasting events.   
Custom Wine Charms are very similar to Lapel Pins. In fact, most lapel pin manufactures also make wine charms. There are die struck, custom cast, etched and epoxy dome options at a variety of price points.   The more traditional metal die struck and cast charms have longer lead times of 4-6 weeks, potentially longer depending on the number of color fills required.  Lead times for etched and epoxy dome charms tend to be in the 5-10 working day range.

Custom Handbag Hangers

For events where women are the primary participants, Custom Handbag Hangers (a.k.a. Custom Purse Hooks) can be an innovative option to commemorate the event. These handy hangers are designed to keep those handbags and purses off the floor by enabling them to be hung by their strap from the edge of a table, desk or other flat surface (i.e. public bathroom stalls are frequently mentioned as well). 
Custom Handbag Hangers are available in varying styles including those with rigid and collapsible hooks as well as those featuring swivel and hinged hook features like the one pictured here. Imprinting options typically include direct imprint on the hook, epoxy dome imprints or labels. 

Custom Playing Cards

From corporate events to family reunions, Custom Playing Cards are a great and fun way to commemorate an event.   Custom Playing Cards can feature standard decks with custom imprinted backs or fully customized decks that can include a different design on each card's face... plus the jokers!   With that level of customization, a family reunion deck could feature pictures of a large family with one person per card.  Some sets even offer the option to create a custom instruction card to document rules for your favorite card game (or to create your own game).  Consider how entertaining some games could be using a family reunion deck... like Old Maid or Go Fish!
Check out B•Informed:  Custom Playing Cards for even more information about Custom Playing Cards as well as for some tips and tricks when creating artwork for custom card decks.

Custom Jewelry Charms

Another way to commemorate a women’s event is with Custom Jewelry Charms. This can be a particularly great option for annual or recurring events or progressive milestones recipients can collect a series of charms to add to their bracelet.

Custom Watches & Clocks

Custom Face Watches and Clocks can serves as an innovative way to commemorate a major milestone. Custom Clocks and Watches can be particularly good options for time-related milestones such as retirements, service awards and lifetime achievement awards.  They can also be great options to commemorate dedications for new buildings or facilities.
Many, though not all, watches can be imprinted directly on the face of the watch as well as engraved on the backs. In additionally, there are options for wall clocks featuring fully custom faces in addition to clocks imprinted on the frame. 

Custom Wine Bottles

Custom Imprinted Wine Bottles include custom labeled bottles as well as direct bottle imprints and etched bottles.  Some etched imprints are also available with color fills to added appeal.  Similarly, there are options for Custom Champaign Bottles.  These custom bottles can be a stunning commemorative item… filled or empty.  Custom Wine and Champaign bottles can be used to commemorate a variety of events from Weddings to Holiday parties.
A wide range of wines are available. For specific requests, contact a customer service representative.

Etched Wine Glasses

Custom wine and champagne glasses are another popular item used to commemorate events including wine tasting events, holiday parties and weddings. There are a variety of sizes and styles from plastic and glass to high-end crystal.
As a lower cost option to etching glass wine or champagne stemware, consider a faux etched printed imprint.  It can be difficult to tell the difference without feeling the surface of the glass for etched indentations.

Custom Wine Stoppers

Custom Wine Stoppers can be a fun way to commemorate an event.  Since many people already collect wine stoppers as a hobby, commemorative stoppers can extend their collections while commemorating a milestone or accomplishment.
There are a variety of Customized Wine Stoppers that can be imprinted, etched or engraved with your logo or design.  These are available in metal, glass/crystal, acrylic, wood and other materials.  Take it up a notch with a fully Custom Cast Wine Stopper that features a 2 or 3 dimensional version of your logo or artwork.  It will be something that will be used and displayed for years to come.  

Custom Golf Balls

Many golf enthusiasts collect Custom Imprinted Golf Balls from tournaments that they’ve played or participated in as a spectator. Some will prefer to keep the ball that they played with while others like to keep a pristine ball to commemorate the event… so it’s always a good idea to have plenty on-hand.
Custom Golf Balls are available using a wide selection of retail golf balls including Titleist, Callaway, Pinnacle, Wilson, Nike and many more.  They are also available in sets combining balls with tees, markers, pouches and more. 

Imprinted Baseball Caps

Many companies commemorate accomplishments and milestones by giving employees Custom Printed Baseball Caps. One of our relatives who worked for a utility company had a collection of hats featuring every major storm and natural disaster over the last decade. Now, there’s something to commemorate! Of course, the company was actually commemorating the accomplishment of its employees in overcoming the adversity that resulted from the disasters.

Custom Paperweights

With thousands of options available, custom paperweights can be ideal commemorative alternative.  They can be particularly well suited to commemorate corporate events where recipients will keep them on their desk to hold their "things to do" stack in place for years to come.
There are Custom Paperweight options at a wide range of price points using materials ranging from lower cost acrylics to premium optical crystal. There’s even a laser etched crystal paper weight that features 3-D images inside which always captures people's attention.

Custom Atomizers

Custom Perfume Atomizers are another out-of-the box idea for a commemorative product for women. They could be a perfect option for fashion shows, sorority events and women's networking events.
These attractive and handy perfume spritzers can be a unique and innovative way to mark a milestone or remember an event.  Consider combining with a bottle of perfume as a gift set.

Custom Silicone Wristbands

Custom Silicone Wristbands or Awareness Bands as they’re commonly called are low-cost option to commemorate a wide range of events. In addition to being a great way to commemorate a fundraising walk (e.g. Breast Cancer Walks, MS Walks, AIDS walk and others), they can be an inexpensive option to commemorate high school graduations and much more.

Custom Sports Balls

Like Golf Balls, there are a variety of other sporting balls including custom baseballs, customized softballs, imprinted footballs, logo soccer balls and custom printed volleyballs available that can be a great way to commemorate tournaments, fundraising competitions or a winning season. 
Another great idea is to purchase a signature ball that team members sign as a gift for coaches and sponsors or to recognize the team's Most Valuable Player. 
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