BInformed: Logo Styluses

Logo Styluses are the pen of the touch screen era. That’s not to say that pens are going to be replaced as the leading promotional product anytime soon, but the popularity of styluses has exploded since 2012. In addition to keeping those distracting finger prints off the touchscreen of your iPad™, iPhone™ or other touch device, styluses help those of us who experience “fat finger syndrome” to more accurately type on those touchscreen keyboards and click the right links on our favorite webpages. 
Did you know, however, that not all styluses work on all touchscreen devices? 

Types of Touchscreens & Styluses

In order to know what type of stylus that you need, you need to first determine what type of touchscreen that you want to use the stylus on. Here’s some general information to help make that determination:
Resistive Touchscreens – Early touchscreen devices like the Palm Pilot™ and HP iPaq™ and some more recent devices utilize Resistive Touchscreens. These screens react to pressure on the screen and will respond to a wide range of pointing devices (nearly anything). For example, a touchscreen that responds to touch from a closed plastic click pen (make sure it’s closed) or tip of a pen’s cap, is likely a Resistive Touchscreen. 
Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Touchscreens – Those POS (a.k.a. Point of Sale) terminals at the store check-out registers frequently utilize SAW technology. These screens react to the interruption of inaudible sound waves created across the screen. They will require a soft plastic touch device that is about the same size as a pencil eraser. If the device responds to pencil eraser but not a plastic point like a pen cap, then it’s likely a SAW Touchscreen.
Capacitive Touchscreens – Most new touchscreen devices like the iPad, iPhone, and most other Android™ based tablets and smartphones utilize Capacitive Touchscreens. These screens react to interruption in an electromagnetic field across the surface of the screen. They will generally only respond to pointing devices which absorb electrostatic energy comparable to a finger. To adequately approximate a finger, capacitive pointing devices tend to be made from larger, soft, rubber or conductive fabric material.   Of course, as technology continues to evolve, we anticipate that manufacturers will find ways to offer narrower tipped capacitive styluses in the future… just not yet.
Style Options

As recently as early 2012, there were a very limited number of Logo Styluses available.   However, since that time, there options have increased exponentially. Here are some of the primary style options available, though; new options can be expected as time goes on.
Standard Styluses – The standard stylus largely looks like a pen with the stylus head replacing the ballpoint tip. Like pens, standard styluses are available in a wide range of colors, shapes and styles including thin and thick bodies, gel grips and much more. 
Mini Styluses – For added mobility, there are a wide range of mini-styluses available. Many include a “leash” that can be connected to the audio port of your touchscreen device to ensure it’s always on-hand. 
Keychain Styluses  – Logo Keychain Styluses help to ensure that you have a stylus at your fingertips (well, as long as your keys are nearby). We recommend clip-on styles or combining with a valet key chain to enable you to easily separate the stylus form the keychain for ease of use and to minimize potential for keys to scratch smartscreens.
Stylus Pen Combinations – With a pen on one end and stylus on the other (or maybe on a cap), Logo Stylus Pen Combos can meet all your writing needs… whether on a touchscreen or paper.
Stylus Flash Drive Combinations – Combination Styluses Flash Drives carry on the trend of integrating Pens and Flash Drives only with even more practicality since both flash drives and styluses are directly applicable to touchscreen computers and tablets.
Stylus Laser-Pointer Combinations – Picking up on the popularity of Logo Laser Pointer Pens, manufacturers are just beginning to introduce Logo Stylus Laser-Pointer combinations that can be ideal for conferences, classrooms and those who just like to play with laser pointers.
Stylus Screen-Cleaner Combinations – Another new option are Logo Stylus Screen-Cleaner Combination devices that feature a capacitive stylus integrated with a screen cleaner… of course, if you use the stylus, you may never need to use the screen cleaner.
Stylus Gloves – As iPads™ and Tablets continue to be introduced into a wide range of workplaces, cold-climate use can present challenges. Stylus Gloves (a.k.a. Smartphone Glove) are designed to meet the challenge. In addition to gloves without finger tips, there are gloves that integrate conductive yarn in the tips of finger allowing fully-gloved hands to operate capacitive touch devices.
Specialty Styluses – As styluses continue to increase in popularity, more and more specialty styluses will become available. These include styluses designed for specific products like the micro stylus that fits into the charging port of iPhone versions 1-4. They also include novelty styluses shaped like other products like a stick match, guitar pick or other item.

Imprinting Options

Imprinting of styluses is comparable to pens and other comparable products. The specific type of imprint options will vary depending on a variety of factors including the type of material the stylus is made from, the size of the stylus and factory capabilities. Typical imprint options can include:
Engraved – One color artwork imprints are embedded into the stylus through removal of the surface of the stylus. This option is most frequently available for styluses made from metal though some plastic materials can be engraved as well. 
Pad Printed – Pads are created for each color of an imprint and used to apply the ink to a pen. Typically, pad imprints are limited to one (occasionally two) colors due to the difficulty in aligning multiple colors properly. 
Full Color Imprints – Beginning in 2013, several factories are introducing full-color imprints on selected pens and styluses. While each factory has its own proprietary mechanism for applying full-color imprints, these frequently involve application of heat and pressure to transfer imprints from an interim medium to the product.     

Promotional Opportunities

Logo Styluses are a great way to portray a high-tech, up-to-date image while providing valued functionality. With the proliferation of touchscreen phones and tablets, Logo Styluses are appropriate alternatives to Logo Pens and other writing instruments. Promotional uses include:
Tradeshow Giveaways – Let your booth’s visitors know that you’re a tech-savvy company by sending them off with Capacitive Styluses featuring your logo, website and phone number.
Facebook™ Advertisers – Increase your company’s Facebook page following by offering free Keychain Styluses for new Fans. 
Conferences – Instead of sending conference participants home with a binder to fit into their carry-on bag, provide them with a soft copy of the information on a Logo Stylus Flash Drive, or, let them take notes in whatever manner they prefer with a Logo Stylus Pen. 
Note: BInformed™ Articles are meant to provide generalized information to aid in the understanding of common product characteristics and options. The applicability of this information to specific products may vary from the generalized information provided here. This information is provided as a courtesy to customers and does not serve as an explicit or implied guarantee or warranty relative to any individual product. For questions concerning specific products, please submit an Information Request from the applicable Product webpage or contact a Customer Service Representative. Also, please see Terms & Conditions.