BInformed: Custom Nail Polish

Custom Nail Polish is great for events catering to women as well as promotions reaching out to women customers. With multiple uses in each bottle, recipients will see your logo repeatedly and will have a reminder of your gift at their fingertips, literally!
Custom nail polish does require some advanced planning, however, so you won't want to wait until the last minute!    

About Custom Nail Polish

Domestic production of nail polish is done in one of three primary factories within the United States. In essence, any nail polish that is manufactured in the United States likely comes from one of these factories whether its retail polish or, in our case, promotional nail polish. 
BNoticed’s preferred nail polish line is produced in the same U.S. factory as some of the most popular and respected retail brands. While there are some variances between brands relative to consistency and, of course, color options, the foundational base of the nail polish to which color pigment is added is comparable. Our supplier also produces custom polish for various celebrity lines using the same nail polish base as is used for our customers.  
It’s also important to note that our preferred promotional nail polish line is free of toluene, formaldehyde and DBP which means they are safe to use and remove.

Custom Nail Polish Sizes and Options

BNoticed’s preferred nail polish line is available in varying sizes from 0.17 fluid ounces to 0.50 fluid ounces (5.1ml to 15ml).   In addition, there are options for boxed and gift bag sets.

Nail Polish Colors

This Custom Nail Polish is available in a wide range of colors. Currently, our supplier’s color pallet includes over 300 color options including those pictured at the bottom of this post.
 In addition, it is even possible to create a custom colored nail polish. Custom colors, however, do require larger order quantities ranging from approximately 1100 of the large nail polish bottles to about 4400 of the smallest bottles. For more information on custom color polish, please contact a customer service representative.

Custom Imprinting Options

Our preferred Promotional Nail Polish Line includes a one color imprint in black, gold, silver or white printed directly on the bottle. There are also options for custom labels for those who prefer a multi-color imprint. 

Minimum Order Quantities

Typically, the minimum order quantity for Custom Nail Polish is 250 bottles per standard polish color. The factory does not offer mixing and matching of colors to reach the 250 bottle minimum. 
As noted previously, while polish in custom colors is available, the minimum order quantity is much higher at 1100 for larger bottles to 4400 for the smallest bottle. Again, the entire quantity must be ordered in the same color since the polish is made-to-order.

Lead Times

Because our Promotional Nail Polish is produced by the same factories that make retail polish at very high order quantities, we are sharing a limited production capacity. As such, lead times can very but are typically in the 4-6 week range.   While we will advise of the current lead time when providing quotes,, it is important to note that the lead times can change if there is a delay in finalizing the order. 

Promotional Opportunities

There are a wide range of promotional opportunities for Custom Nail Polish including:
Women Conferences –    Custom Nail Polish is a popular item for women’s conferences and meetings.  It can be great for a stand along gift or for an amenity bag for those traveling to the conference.
Fashion Shows  –  As an important fashion accessory, Custom Nail Polish can be a great giveaway at fashion shows. If there’s a specific color prevalent in the show, consider matching it to further associate the polish with the show!     
Fundraisers –    Custom Nail Polish can also be a great fundraiser for worthy causes from Breast Cancer Awareness Walks to Sorrorities. Whether selling it as a fundraiser itself or offering as a gift to those donating over a specified amount, the imprinted nail polish can be a great way to say thanks for your support!
Product Promotions –  From automobile manufacturers and car dealers to appliance manufacturers, product color is increasingly important with today’s products. For those manufacturers who wish to reach out to female customers, why not offer nail polish to match their products.   A car dealer might offer red nail polish matching his popular sports car color, or a pearly white to match that luxury SUV. That trendy appliance manufacturer could offer the perfect pink to match their pink mixers. 

Other Cosmetic Options

In addition to Customized Nail Polish, there are additional cosmetic options including Custom Printed Lip Gloss, Customized Lip Stick, Logo Eye Shadow, Custom Mirror Compacts and Imprinted Cosmetic Bags to name a few. 

Standard Color Pallet

Below is the current listing of most standard color options. It is important to note that each computer monitor can display colors differently so this should be viewed accordingly. The color options do change periodically so it’s a good idea to contact a Customer Service Representative for the latest color options available. 
Note: BInformed™ Articles are meant to provide generalized information to aid in the understanding of common product characteristics and options. The applicability of this information to specific products may vary from the generalized information provided here. This information is provided as a courtesy to customers and does not serve as an explicit or implied guarantee or warranty relative to any individual product. For questions concerning specific products, please submit an Information Request from the applicable Product webpage or contact a Customer Service Representative. Also, please see Terms & Conditions.