BInformed: Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions that may aid customers in selecting products that will best meet their needs. Of course, you can also get answers to your questions by using the Request Information button on the product page, by emailing us at or calling 877.300.5005.   In addition to the information below, be sure to review Terms and Conditions as well.

What information do you need to provide a quote?


In addition to identifying the product that you’re interested in, we’ll need to know the following information:
Quantity– In most cases, pricing is based on the quantity of products ordered with lower prices corresponding to higher quantities. In order to provide an accurate quote, we’ll need to know what quantity you are interested in purchasing.   
Product Color  – In most cases, product color does not typically affect price. However, in order to verify that our suppliers have adequate inventory, we will need to know what product color(s) that you are interested in. In some cases, particularly where product color is related to the finish on a product (e.g. silver vs. bronze wine charms or lapel pins), the finish may affect pricing. 
Product Size(s)  – For apparel and some other product that may have multiple sizes, please advise of the size of the product required. For varying sizes (where available) such as apparel, we will need to know the quantity of each size. In the case of apparel, pricing for 2X and larger sizes are frequently slightly higher than smaller sizes. 
Imprint Locations – The standard imprint location is typically identified in the product description page. In some cases, there may be options for different locations. Likewise, there may be options for imprints in multiple locations, typically at additional costs. If options are offered, we’ll need to know what available locations that you would like imprinted. Note that some products are available only blank (not imprinted). If applicable, this is generally noted in the product description page.
Quantity of Imprint Colors – While some imprintable products are available with full-color imprints, in most cases a one color imprint is standard.  Depending on the product and factory’s capabilities, product may have the option to be imprinted in multiple colors (though there may be a limit). When possible, there is typically an additional set up for each imprint color and a run charge for each additional imprint color beyond what is included in the standard price..
Imprint Colors - Typically, factories have a pallet of standard available imprint colors that can be used for imprinting. If a special color or more precise color is required (e.g. to better match corporate colors, etc.), there may be a PMS (Pantone® Matching System) color matching charge. While the term “color matching” is used, there are a variety of factors that can influence the imprinted color including the type and color of the material being imprinted. As such, factories will attempt to get as close as possible to the official PMS color but will generally not guarantee an exact match. If PMS color matching is needed, please advise so that we can reflect in your quote.
Imprint Type – In some cases, products may have more than one type of imprint available. For example, some folios may be embossed or screen printed. Where different imprint options exist, we will need to know which of the available imprint types is preferred.
Event Date – If the products are intended to support a specific event, be sure to let us know the date of the event as well as what date you would prefer to have the product in hand (if sooner) to support your event. This information is necessary so that we can ensure that the factory can meet your event date. In some cases, the factory may only be able to meet your event date utilizing rush production or rush shipping which may include additional costs. By providing actual event dates and preferred in-hands date rather than cushioning your event date, we can better provide options to avoid incremental rush costs while still meeting your event date even if your preferred in-hands date could not be met.
Delivery Zip Code – When possible, we try to include estimated shipping costs and lead times for delivery to your preferred destination. Please provide this information, we will need the delivery zip code at a minimum. 

Will my logo fill the entire imprint area?

The size of the imprint area varies depending on the product and factories’ capabilities. The maximum imprint area for a specific product is typically identified on the product details page. 
It is important to note that this is the maximum imprint area and that the actual imprint size may vary. The actual imprint size will depend on the dimensions of your artwork in combination with the available imprint area. For example, if the maximum imprint area is 1” tall by 2” wide and your logo is a perfect square, then the largest that your logo can be imprinted is 1” x 1” since the imprint size is limited by the available height of the imprint area.  A scaled artwork proof will illustrate the size of your logo within the imprint area.

How do I upload my Artwork?

You will be provided with an opportunity to upload artwork during the check-out process. As an alternative, after you finish checking out you will receive a confirmation email that you can reply to with your artwork attached. This way we’ll know which order your artwork is associated with when received via email. For extremely large files, please contact a Customer Service Representative for additional upload options. 

Why does it appear that there are multiple versions of the same product on your website?

BNoticed carries products from multiple suppliers. Some suppliers may produce the same or very similar products.  In other cases, the products may appear multiple times based on varying options (e.g. colors, imprint type, etc.).  While some distributors will limit themselves to using only one factory for a product, BNoticed offers products from multiple factories to better meet the needs of our clients. For example, different factories may offer varying color options and imprint capabilities. In addition, because BNoticed serves clients across the US and internationally, the availability of factories located across the country provides additional options to reduce lead times and shipping costs by selecting a factory closest to your shipping destination.

How do I read these pricing tables?

Promotional Products are typically sold in bulk order quantities with lower prices for higher quantities. The pricing table identifies the per piece prices based on the quantity of products ordered. The first row of the table shows the quantity of products to be ordered. In the next row of the table is the corresponding price per piece at that quantity. For example, if the first column shows a quantity of 100 pieces, this is the minimum order quantity. If the price below this is $1.99, this is the price per piece if you order 100 of these products with standard imprint. This will then yield a cumulative product cost of $199.00 for all 100 pieces with standard imprint (not including set up costs, taxes, shipping or any optional services). The $1.99 per piece price applies to any quantity over 100 pieces until you reach the quantity listed in the top row of 2nd column at which point the price listed below it will apply. If there is special pricing associated with the product, a 3rd line will appear showing the current special pricing or sale price.

Can I order fewer than the minimum quantity listed for a product?

In most cases, the minimum quantity listed is the fewest a factory will produce for any specific product. In some cases, factories will offer select products at lower quantities (not less than ½ of the minimum typically) for an additional “below minimum” fee to off-set the costs of dedicating resources for less efficient order quantities. In some cases, there may be alternative factories offering comparable products with lower minimum requirements. If you need as few as ½ of the posted minimum quantity, contact a customer service representative for assistance. 

Why do some products have much higher minimum order quantities than other similar products?

In general, Promotional Products are typically priced based on the quantity purchased with large quantities providing lower costs. Like the Membership Clubs, products can be priced lower when sold in larger quantities. Even more so, products can be imprinted more cost effectively when produced in larger quantities. 
That said, there are some products found on our website that have much higher minimum order quantities that identical or very similar products. In such cases, these products are typically produced overseas. While often less expensive, overseas factories very often require much higher order quantities. In addition, overseas products frequently has a much longer production and shipping lead time than comparable domestic production. It is also important to note that products produced overseas are subject to Customs delays which are beyond the control of both the factory and BNoticed. As such, we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date on overseas products. 

Why do some products have much lower prices than other similar products?

As noted above, BNoticed includes products from multiple suppliers on our website. Each supplier determines pricing based on their specific costs and capabilities. In most cases, the largest price variances are between products produced overseas vs. domestically. That said, even domestically, there can be some variances among domestic factories based on each factory’s pricing. 
BNoticed includes multiple factories products to give our customers the full-scope of options available. While one factory may be out of inventory for a desired color, an alternate factory may have adequate stock. Similarly, a factory located closer to your destination may provide lower shipping cost that could more than outweigh another factory’s slightly lower product costs. When responding to quote requests from customers, we will frequently provide clients with both a quote for the specific product requested as well as comparable product(s) that may better meet their needs.  

Can you make fully custom products?

Often times, yes. Fully custom products and/or non-standard versions of catalog products can typically be produced to-order from our overseas factories. Because fully custom products and/or non-standard versions of catalog products are produced to-order overseas, they will typically require a high minimum order quantity (e.g. 5000 pieces or more in some cases depending on the type of product) and long lead times (60-180 days). For more information on fully custom products, consult a Customer Service Representative who can assist you further.    

Can we obtain a sample?

In most cases, yes. Please see Proofs and Samples for more information.

Can we obtain a spec sample with our artwork imprinted on it?

Spec Samples, also referred to as Pre-Production Proofs, are samples of the product selected which have been imprinted with your artwork. Most factories will provide Pre-Production Proofs for an additional charge. In many cases, a Virtual Proof may be a lower cost (typically free) option that can meet your needs.   Virtual Proofs provide an image of the product with your logo superimposed .   Please see Proofs and Samples for more information.

In what format should artwork be provided?

In general, Vector formatted artwork saved as a .esp file will be acceptable for nearly all imprint methods. Raster artwork may be acceptable for products that can be imprinted digitally and for embroidery. For more specific information please see Artwork Requirements.

Will BNoticed prepare my artwork?

BNoticed provide Free basic artwork services on orders over $250. This includes up to a maximum of 30 minutes of graphic artist labor. For more specific information please see Artwork Requirements.

What are “Set Up” Costs?

In order to imprint your logo on a product, the factory will typically need to create and/or set up customized tools (e.g. screens, pads, embroidery tapes, etc.) in order to apply an imprint based on your artwork to the product. The set up does not include costs for creating artwork itself.  The costs associated with creating these tools and setting up the machinery to imprint the products is included in these set up charges. In most cases, our factories will not require an additional set up charges for exact re-orders that are made within a specific time frame if they can re-use previously created tools that remain on-hand. An exact re-order is the same exact artwork being imprinted on the same product in the same size/location. 
For embroidery, after the initial set up charge, BNoticed does not charge for additional set-ups using the same exact artwork in the same size even if it is used on other products.

What are “Run” Charges?

When a product is imprinted in more colors or locations than what is included in the base price, the cost associated with imprinting each additional color and location is called a run charge.

What is the Lead Time for products?

There are two basic types of lead times, “Production” lead times and “Shipping” Lead Times.  Unless otherwise, noted, most lead times listed on the product description pages of the site reflect the typical Production lead time. 

Production lead time is based on normal business operations.  In some cases, production lead times may vary based on factory capacity and other factors.  For example, holiday products may have longer lead times during peak holiday sales periods between September and December than under normal circumstances.  Lead times are typically based on business days excluding weekends and holidays.  It is important to note that some factories observe non-standard holidays including extended closures for certain holidays.  BNoticed will generally include the current lead times on your quote.  Of course, it’s important to recognize that this information can change from day to day and lead times may vary from those on the quote if there is a delay in finalizing the order.

It is important to note that Lead Times do not begin until orders are finalized and submitted to the factory for production.   For an order to be finalized, it must include payment, approved artwork in acceptable format (see Artwork Requirements) and any proofs required must be approved.   Any delay in placing order, submission/approval of artwork, payment or proof approvals may result in longer Lead Times.  This may result in impact to estimated delivery dates or necessitate additional rush production/shipping costs (if available) to meet desired in-hands date.   Customers with near-term event dates are asked to provide prompt responses for approvals to avoid such impacts. 


Estimated shipping lead times are based on standard delivery times from 3rd Party Shipping Carriers (e.g. UPS, FedEx, etc.).  Unless specified otherwise, estimated shipping lead times are based on standard ground shipping and reflect business days excluding holidays.  Shipping lead times within the continental US typically range from 1-5 business days.  Items shipped internationally (e.g. from overseas factories or to overeas customers) will vary and are subject to Customs delays outside of BNoticed’s control.  Where applicable, upgrade (e.g. overnight, 2-day, etc.) shipping at additional costs may be required to support event dates.  Actual shipping Lead times may vary based on inclement weather and other factors outside of BNoticed’s control.  Also see Terms and Conditions


What if I need products faster?

In many cases, factories offer rush production options in the event that you need products sooner than the normal production lead times. In some cases, there may be additional rush production costs associated. Also, there may be limitations on the number of imprint colors and/or imprint locations that can be printed using rush service. If you need a product for a near term event, contact a customer service representative to assist in determining rush options. In addition, we may be able to suggest comparable products that are available with shorter lead times.
In addition to rush production, expedited shipping options may be necessary to support near term event dates. Expedited, or Upgraded, Shipping is typically provided through 3rd Party Shipping Carriers (e.g. UPS, FedEx, etc.) and consistent with their standard upgraded shipping options in most cases. It is worth noting that there can be considerable costs differences between standard ground shipping and upgraded shipping options, particularly overnight shipping. Whenever possible, BNoticed will provide an estimate of the shipping costs at the time a quote is prepared. It is important to point out that delays in finalizing an order may necessitate further shipping upgrades beyond that reflected in the quote.

Can I cancel my order?

Orders can be cancelled any time prior to starting production. Once production to customize the product with your logo has started, orders typically cannot be cancelled. At the very least, you would be responsible for any cost incurred by that time. Also see Terms and Conditions.