BInformed: Custom Coolers & Ice Chests

Custom Coolers offer outstanding promotional potential as well as great functionality. Whether they’re used for Corporate Picnics, Sporting Events, Family Reunions or Community Gatherings, Logo Coolers are a great way to BNoticed! Let’s face it, at outdoor events and large gatherings, everyone seems to make their way to the coolers for a cold beverage of their choice. So, why not let them see your logo when they reach into that icy water and pull out a cold one? Then, at the end of the event, you can raffle the coolers off… or keep them for the next event.
Custom Coolers are becoming increasingly popular Holiday Gifts as many companies strive for non-traditional gifts that recipients will want to use.


In addition to a large selection of private label coolers, the great thing about coolers is that some of the major retail brands are also available to be customized with your logo or design. This includes a large selection of coolers from major brands like Igloo™ and Coleman™.  

Types of Coolers

There are two primary types of Custom Coolers, hard sided plastic and metal coolers as well as soft-sided coolers. In both categories, there is a full selection of Coolers available for customization in just about every size and style you’ll find in retail stores (and often times many more). These include:
Custom Lunch Coolers – These personal size coolers typically hold up to a six pack of cans which can be perfect for a couple sodas and lunch. In addition to a wide range of soft-sided lunch and six pack coolers, there are popular hard sided coolers like the Igloo™ Legend™ 6 and Playmate™ Mini.
Logo 12-24 Can Coolers – Ideal for a day at the Beach, these Custom 12-Pack Coolers and Logo Case Coolers are large enough for a family of 4 or a pack of friends heading out for a day in the sun. In addition to larger Igloo™ Legend™ and Playmate™ styles, the Coleman™ Party Stacker™ is available in the hard-sided cooler category. There are a wide range of soft-sided options each of which typically features an array of storage pockets and compartments to stow those non-refrigerated snacks.
Logo Backpack Coolers – A newer twist on the smaller soft-sided coolers, Custom Backpack Coolers can be a handy way to free up hands for those folding chairs and beach umbrellas. Typically, these are sized to a maximum capacity of about 12 cans or smaller… after all, who would want to strap a large ice chest to their backs? 
Custom Ice Chests/Coolers – Typically holding more than 24 cans, these large portable Custom Ice Chests are perfect for larger groups and weekend getaways. In addition to the plastic hard-sided Igloo™ and Coleman™ Coolers, both companies now offer retro-styled Custom Steel Coolers available for customization. These Retro Custom Coolers can hold up to 85 cans in approximately 54 quart capacity. Generally, the largest soft-sided coolers accommodate about 30 to 50 cans.   
Logo Rolling Coolers – Customized Rolling Coolers are a handy option in the larger cooler categories. Like rolling luggage, these coolers typically include an extendable pull on one side of the cooler and two wheels to allow you to tilt and pull the coolers. When it comes to a well-stocked cooler, this can be a very welcome feature that might just save on Chiropractor bills later! 
Custom Party Coolers & Tubs – Logo Party Coolers and Tubs are great options for large events like Company Picnics or those infamous Frat Parties. Stock them with a variety of canned and bottled beverages for your event’s participants and pour on the ice to keep them frosty cold.    
Customized Beverage Jugs – Custom Beverage Jugs/Coolers are popular items at work and school. Available in varying sizes from 1 Quart to 10 Gallons, the large Customized 5-Gallon Beverage Jugs are widely used in the construction industry to help keep workers hydrated throughout the workday. Smaller Logo ½ Gallon Beverage Jugs are frequently used by school and college sports team so that each player has their own jug imprinted with the school and team logo. Some manufacturers even offer an option (for an additional price) to custom imprint and apply decals on each jug to identify the team member’s name to help everyone know who’s is who’s!
Specialty Coolers – There are a variety of specialty coolers also available which combine innovative features into the cooler design such as speakers that can be connected to an iPod, MP3 player, iPhone, Smartphone, or even have radios with speakers. 

Imprint Options

There are a variety of imprint methods used for Custom Coolers and Beverage Jugs. The specific method available for each product may vary based on many factors including the material the cooler is made from (e.g. plastic hard side vs. soft side, etc.), the size of the product and the factories capabilities. Here are some of the specifics about these options:
Silk Screen Coolers – Traditionally Custom Coolers have typically been silk-screened with an imprint in specific areas on the sides or top of the cooler. The specific location is based on the design of the cooler and manufacturing capabilities. For examples, some areas where protrusions exist may not feasibility be imprinted. 
While some factories offer multiple-color imprints in certain locations, the ability to maintain registration on large coolers for multiple colors can be difficult. As such, some products may be limited in the number of imprint colors that can be silk screened and may require artwork review prior to accepting multiple color imprints.  
Silk screen imprints are typically applied one color at a time requiring vector artwork that supports color separation. 
Generally, silk screened coolers are priced to include a one color imprint in one location and require an associated set up charge for the screen. Each additional color (when possible) will typically require an additional set-up charge for the added screen and run charge for printing. 
Pad Imprinted Coolers – Similar to silk screening, some Custom Coolers may include a pad imprint in one location. Use of pad imprinting typically is determined by the size of the imprint, imprint location and factory capabilities. As with silk screening, pad imprints are applied one color at a time. Again, due to difficulties with registration, options for multiple color imprints may be very limited. 
Custom Heat Transfer Decal Coolers – For multiple color imprints, Custom Decal Coolers have traditionally been the primary choice. Unlike a simple decal, heat transfers actually are heated to help imbed the imprint onto the cooler’s surface for added durability and longevity. Since heat transfer decals can be imprinted more easily with multiple colors either via off-set printing or full-color digital imprinting, this has traditionally been the most common approach for multiple color imprints historically.
Custom Wrapped Coolers  – Among the newest… and coolest… imprint technique for select hard sided coolers is the Full Color Digital Wrap. These Custom Wrapped Coolers provide a near all-around imprint on the available coolers. Your full-color design (or a customized version of a stock design) is imprinted on a wrap material that is customized for each cooler. The wrap is then applied to the cooler using heat.   The great thing is that these custom wraps include full-color imprints, have relatively low set-up costs and low minimum order quantities… and, when imprinting multiple colors, they are typically a less expensive option than a multiple color silk screened cooler. Best of all, you get the benefit of a near all-around imprint. Currently, most Custom Wrapped Cooler options are from Igloo™. Iceberg Coolers have introduced a similar Vinyl Wrap for a selection of their coolers as well.
Full Color Coolers Lids – Another of the newest… and potentially even coolest… imprint technique is the full-color custom cooler lids offered on select Igloo™ coolers. Your vibrant, full-color artwork is imprinted directly on the cooler’s lids. Combine with the cooler wrap for a one-of-a-kind cooler.

Key Considerations

A key consideration relative to coolers, particularly with hard sided coolers is shipping. Because of the size of many coolers, shipping costs can be higher than many might anticipate. For larger quantities, shipping by a trucking company may be more cost effective but may require additional lead time. Availability of a loading dock at the receiving site can further help keep costs down by enabling delivery of palletized products without need for a truck with a lift gate. 

Promotional Opportunities

Custom Coolers are a great idea for a variety of promotions and events including:
Business Holiday Gifts – Custom Coolers can make a great non-traditional holiday business gift option. Not only do they have a high perceived value but are products that will be kept and used for years to come.  
Company Picnics – Whether as Logo Party Coolers for company picnics or as giveaways for employees attending the picnic, Custom Logo Coolers are a perfect match for those Family Fun Picnic events. You could even use party coolers for the picnic and then raffle them off at the end for those attending!  
Sports Teams – Logo Beverage Jugs featuring a school’s logo on one side and the team’s mascot or name on the other make a great item not only for team members but also to re-sell as a fundraiser for the team or school. 
Community Events – Next time you want to show community support at a parade, fireworks display or rally, why not stock up on some Logo Bottled Water and a few Party Tubs. Place them strategically around the venue and giveaway some ice cold water to refresh participants on a warm day. They’ll see your logo on the Party Tubs and the Bottled Water, and they’ll remember!
Note: BInformed™ Articles are meant to provide generalized information to aid in the understanding of common product characteristics and options. The applicability of this information to specific products may vary from the generalized information provided here. This information is provided as a courtesy to customers and does not serve as an explicit or implied guarantee or warranty relative to any individual product. For questions concerning specific products, please submit an Information Request from the applicable Product webpage or contact a Customer Service Representative. Also, please see Terms & Conditions.