BInformed: Custom Hand Fans

Custom Hand Fans are known by a variety of other names including Logo Rally Fans, Customized Church Fans and Cheer Fans. They are a great, lower-cost, promotional product that not only provides good branding opportunities but also can help recipients stay cool and show support for a cause.
Custom Hand Fans are perfect giveaways for outdoor events during warm weather or crowded venues.  They're popular for parades, rallies and even weddings!

Types of Custom Hand Fans

When it comes to Custom Hand Fans, there are more types of fans than you might initially think, they include: 
 Custom Card Stock Hand Fans – The most common and popular hand fans are Custom Card Stock Hand Fans that feature paper card stock fans that are typically attached to wood or plastic sticks. There are stickless versions of these fans as well. The card stock is imprinted with your logo or custom design. These fans are typically produced domestically in as few as 100 pieces. Standard imprint is typically one-color on one side of the fan but there are a variety of options that will be discussed later.
Plastic Hand Fans – Among the more recent addition to Promotional Hand Fans are Custom Plastic Hand Fans. These are styled similarly to the Logo Card Stock Hand Fans but are made from plastic. As with the card stock versions, there are a wide range of stock shapes available. It’s also worth noting that many of these fans are recyclable.
Custom Folding Fans  – Folding fans, often referred to as Asian Styled fans, have an accordion style construction allowing them to be compressed into a narrow bundle which (according to the classic movies anyway) can be flared open dramatically to make a point! 
Due to the structure of these fans, the imprint area may be limited to a comparably smaller area on one or both sides of the fan or on the handle when decorated domestically. For complete customization of the fans, overseas production is typically required which will require longer lead times and higher order quantities.
Custom Expandable Card Stock Fans – These are somewhat of a hybrid between card stock fans and folding fan. These utilize two or more pieces of card stock that are attached at one pivot point so that the cards can be rotated “open” to create more fan surface area or closed to the size of one piece off the card stock. They are popular for use at weddings and events to serve as both a fan and event program.
Custom Pop Open Hand Fans – A newer entry into the hand fan arena are the Custom Pop Open Hand Fans that are similar in concept to those larger synthetic Custom Automobil Sun Shades placed in windshield of cars to keep them cool. These light weight, pop open hand fans can be twisted and folded into a relatively small size that make them easy to carry in a pocket or purse.   When needed, a flick of the wrist will pop them open to function as a hand fan. These are typically available with or without an attachable plastic handle and feature a one color imprint in one location standard. 

Custom Card Stock Church Fan Options

As mentioned previously, Logo Card Stock Fans are the most popular of the hand fan options and also have the most options for customization. Below are some of the various ways that these fans can typically be customized:
Stock Shape Fans -  There are a wide range of stock shapes available for Custom Card Stock Hand Fans ranging from basic ovals and squares to hour-glass, star and even cowboy hat shapes. Using a stock shape will help to limit costs since die cutting equipment is already available for these shapes.
Custom Shape Fans -  If a stock shape isn’t available to meet your needs, a custom shaped card stock fan can be made in most cases. Custom shaped fans can be designed in the shape of your logo or product for example. These fans are typically priced based on a maximum size, for example, up to 8″ x 8″ or up to 10″ x 15″.   While some manufacturers may consider larger sizes on a case-by-case basis, it’s important to recognize that there are practical limits to the size of hand fans… after all, you don’t want recipients to be smacking themselves in the face when they try to use them! Custom shaped fans require manufacturers to create custom dies to cut the stock in to the required shape. As a result, an additional set-up cost will apply. In addition, the price per piece and minimum order quantities tend to be higher for custom shaped fans as well.
Stick Fans - Most hand fans include a wood stick that is attached to the card stock fan. The imprinted cards are attached to the sticks either with an adhesive or staples depending on the manufacturer. In general, BNoticed recommends use of an adhesive since there’s less opportunity for tearing and the custom design imprinted on the fans remains unmarred by staples.
Stickless Hand Fans - Regardless of the shape, many custom card stock fans can be made with or without a stick.    While stickless fans are typically lower priced, will have lower shipping costs without the weight of the sticks and can be convenient for shipping and storage, stick fans tend to be easier to use. 
Imprint Options - The base pricing on Custom Card Stock Hand Fans typically includes imprinting of one color and one side of the fan only. Generally, each additional color (per location) imprinted will result in an additional imprint charge (i.e. “run charge”) and set-up charge since colors are typically printed one at a time. As an alternative, there are options available for full color digital imprinting on fans. When printing several colors, use of full-color digital imprinting can be more cost-effective than individually applied spot color printing. 
Double Sided Imprints - The base price Custom Card Stock Hand Fan typically includes an imprint on one side of the fan only regardless of whether the fan includes a stick or not. As an option, fans can be imprinted on both sides of the card stock. This will typically require both an additional run charge for each color imprinted on the 2nd side. If the imprint on both sides is identical (same size, same artwork, same color, etc.), additional set up charges may not be required. However, if imprinting different artwork on both sides, additional set up charges may apply.
For fans with sticks, there is a further option to imprint around the exposed stick on the back side of the fan or to utilize two pieces of card stock with the stick sandwiched between the stock allowing for full imprint on both the back and front of the fan. The sandwich style will be priced higher because it is more expensive to produce and will have higher shipping costs due to the additional weight.
Other Options - There are other options available. Mini-sized hand fans are available that are comparable in construction and imprinting options to the standard fans but smaller in size (typically 5″x5″ instead of the normal 8″x8″). In addition, there are options including Custom Recycled Hand Fans made with recycled material, Coupon Hand Fans with tear-off coupons and even Sun Shade Hand Fans that incorporate sunglasses into the fan.

Promotional Opportunities

Custom Hand Fans have a wide range of applications from personal to business, including:
Church Events & Weddings –  Since Customized Hand Fans are also known as Church Fans, it’s no surprise that they are popular for weddings and church events. Even air conditioned venues can become warm and stuffy when filled with hundreds of participants. In addition, many choose to print programs or agendas directly on the fan to serve dual purposes at the event.   
Rallies & Parades –    Logo Hand Fans are great giveaways at parades and rallies. They not only will be welcome to those who spend hours standing out in the sun on a warm day but will also give visibility of your logo to everyone around. They’re a great way to build post-event traffic for stores, restaurants and bars.
Political Campaigns – Custom Hand Fans are a great way for political candidates to gain visibility at community events as well as for voters to show their loyalty to their favored candidates. And… we didn’t even say anything about dealing with all that hot air…
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