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Custom Wine Charms are a popular promotional product that’s perfect for a variety of events from Wine Tasting Fundraisers to Corporate Holiday Parties and even Weddings and Anniversary Parties. Wine Charms are a great way to not only customize wine and champagne glasses for the event but also give guests a memento to take home with them. As a commemorative memento, Wine Charms can also be a great way to help build attendance at annual events since many participants will like to collect the charms from each year’s event. This can be a particularly advantageous strategy for fundraising events.

Types of Wine Charms

Wine Charms are actually a close cousin to Lapel Pins. In fact, many wine charm manufacturers are, in fact, lapel pin manufacturers. In reality, most wine charms are simply modified versions of a lapel pin with a wire hoop augmented by a couple beads to attach the charm to the stem of wine glasses. As such, the options for wine charms are very similar to those of Lapel Pins.
Wine Charms are typically less than 1 inch by 1 inch in size. While there may be a tendency to think that bigger is always better, that’s not necessarily the case with wine charms. Recognizing that they will be hanging from what is often a slender stem, smaller charms can provide a more proportional look without overpowering the elegant shape of a wine glass or champagne flute.
There are a several types of wine charms available including Custom Die Cast Wine Charms, Custom Die Struck Wine Charms, Custom Etched Wine Charms, Silkscreened Wine Charms and Custom Epoxy Dome Wine Charms as well as some newer introductions into the wine charm family. Die Cast, Die Struck and Etched Wine charms can incorporate color through use Cloisonne Hard Enamle or Soft Enable. Some factories will offer a combination of color fill with screen printing for finer details.
Another consideration is the type of material that is used for the charm. There are optoins for a variety of materials such as precious metals like gold and sterling silver to pewter, zinc and brass and even lower cost iron and aluminum. In many cases, the lower priced options can have gold, silver, nickle and/or copper finishes applied to further increase the preceived value of the more economical choices.
Custom Die Struck Wine Charms – When people think of traditional Custom Wine Charms they often are thinking about Custom Die Struck Wine Charms. These charms are frequently custom shaped and feature an impression of artwork on the surface of the charm. The impression is formed through use of a custom die which creates raised and lowered surfaces in the metal forming a design based on your artwork. While die struck charms are available up to about 2 inches by 2 inches, these larger charms are frequently used for commemorative coins or medallions. We recommend limiting wine charms to about 1.25 inch by 1.25 inch or less. Some manufactures of custom die struck charms offer multiple finish options for surface of the metal such as antique silver, antique gold, antique brass and antique copper. Because a custom die is required, there will generally be a set up charge associated.
Custom Die Struck Wine Charms may be color filled (when struck with raised/lower surfaces). There are two primary types of color fills, cloisonné hard enamel and soft enamel. The cloisonné hard enamel fill is a premium, higher cost, material and process. The colored hard enamel paste is manually placed between raised surfaces of the charm and then heated and polished. It yields a jewel-like glassy finish with vibrant colors. The soft enamel provides a lower cost alternative to the cloisonné. In most cases, both approaches require that colors be separated by raised metal surfaces of the charm. Some factories will offer silk screening in combination with the enamel fills for areas not separated by raised services or for fine details that cannot otherwise be accommodated.
For charms that feature only a die cut shape but remain flat, the charms may be imprinted instead of color filled. In both cases, there is generally a cost per color associated with adding color to the charms. Some manufacturers will include a limited number of colors in the base price and charge for each additional color while others will charge for each color applied.  
Custom Die Struck Wine Charms are frequently produced overseas with lead times ranging from 3-6 weeks, potentially longer during peak holiday season.
Custom Cast Wine Charms – Custom Die Casts are used for wine charms which require three dimensional features or cut-outs that cannot be accommodated with a Custom Die Stuck Charm. This metal (e.g. pewter, etc.) charms are made using a custom cast mold that can be formed in just about any shape desired.   The molds typically create a raised and lowered impression of the logo or artwork.   While custom die cast charms are available up to about 2 inches by 2 inches, the larger charms are more frequently used for custom coins and medallions rather than for wine charms. For wine charms, we recommend sizes of about 1.25 inch by 1.25 inch or less.   Like with Custom Die Struck Charms, the finish choices can vary by manufacturer. The specific finish can affect the price and lead times with gold and silver typically being higher in price while charms with natural pewter finishes tend to have slightly faster lead times. As with Custom Die Struck Charms, Custom Die Cast Charms generally may be color filled with a hard or soft enamel and, in some cases, silk screened. Because of the need for a custom cast mold designed based on your artwork, there will generally be a set up charge for custom cast wine charms.
Typically, the minimum order quantity for custom wine charms is around 100-250 pieces. If creating a set of charms with varying designs, it will generally necessitate purchasing the minimum order quantity of EACH design.
Custom Cast Wine Charms are typically produced overseas due to the labor intensive aspects of their production, specifically the development of molds, applying a finish and color filling if needed. Lead times typically run 4-6 weeks and potentially longer for multiple color fills. Because of their popularity during the winter holiday season, lead times can be even longer in the October to December timeframe.  
Custom Etched Wine Charms  – Custom Etched Wine Charms are similar to Custom Die Struck Charms since they feature the impression of your artwork in the form of raised and lowered surfaces in the charm. In this case, the impression is made by etching the design in to the metal rather than stamping or casting the design. Etched charms can be slightly thinner than stamped charms.   These charms provide a more economical alternative to the traditional stamped charms.   Similarly, Custom Sandblasted Wine Charms utilize sand blasting as the basis of forming the impression of your artwork into the charm. In both cases, enamel color fill may be applied within raised areas of the design.
Custom Screen Printed Wine Charms  – Custom Screen Printed Wine Charms typically involve applying your custom imprint to stock shaped metal charms. That said, some manufacturers utilize screen printing in combination with color filling of cast, stamped and/or etched charms where finer detail is needed than can be otherwise accommodated. In most cases, a finish is applied over the surface of the screen print to protect it since the screened ink is not as durable as the enamels used in color fills. The imprinting on stock shaped charms provides another economical alternative to custom cast, stamped and etched charms.
Epoxy Dome Wine Charms  – Custom Epoxy Dome Wine Charms are a great alternative to traditional wine charms when there are tighter budget considerations or for nearer term events. These charms feature one or more color logos or designs covered with a clear epoxy. The epoxy domes provide a nice quality appearance while being relatively low in cost and faster to produce than custom cast and custom die struck charms. Depending on the specific product and manufacturer, base pricing may include a 1 color imprint up to 4-color processing (e.g. full-color, digital imprint).
Epoxy Dome Wine Charms are available in stock shapes (typically round and square) which offer the lowest price, fastest production time and, in some cases, no set up charges. There are also options for a custom shaped charm. In this case, the custom shape is cut from a base material (typically metal) and then imprinted with your logo after which the epoxy dome is applied. This offers a relatively cost effective way to provide a more customized appearance, however, it can increase lead times and pricing. Also, there are typically higher set up charges associated with custom shaped charms.
If you need a Rush Custom Wine Charm, the Epoxy Dome Charms are likely the best option. These can typically be produced in as few as 5 working days (not including shipping). Since the epoxy must thoroughly dry after being applied, there can be some environmental factors that can influence drying times so it’s advisable to include a little extra cushion time whenever possible. As with all Custom Wine Charms, lead times can be longer during the holiday season.

Additional Features and Options

Some of the typical features and options of wine charms include:

Hoop – Customized Wine Charms generally include a wire hoop to attach around the stem of wine glasses.  
Beads – Some Logo Wine Charms include one or two colored beads included on the hoop on either side of the charm. Some manufacturers will allow you to specify the bead colors desired from available stock colors. 
Packaging – Custom Wine Charms typically are packaged in individual poly bags for shipping. Many manufacturers offer an optional gift box for an additional charge. In some cases, manufacturers also offer gift set boxes that can accommodate 4-6 charms within the box. This is ideal when creating sets of multiple, related designs as gifts or for packaging charms for resale or fundraising.

Promotional Opportunities

Custom Wine Charms are a great idea for a variety of promotions and events including:
Holiday Parties & Gifts – Custom Wine Charms are a great way to commemorate an annual holiday party while encouraging annual participation for those who like to collect charms from each year’s party. 
Mixers –  Whether it’s for a Networking Event, Corporate Event or Speed Dating Night, Logo Wine Charms can be a great mechanism to encourage participants to meet each other. This can be done by creating a series of different charm design which are distributed to attendees. Then, encourage participants to meet others who have the same design on their charms. Another option is to give participants multiple charms of one design and ask them to trade with others until they get a complete set of each individual charms.  
Wine Tasting Fundraisers – Customized Wine Charms can be perfect for Wine Tasting Fundraisers. They’re a take-away for participants who purchase tickets for the event while also serving as a commemorative from the event. As mentioned before, this can encourage recurring participation for annual events. While some may use Custom Wine Glasses for such events, wine charms can have advantages because they are more easily distributed and are not subject to breakage like glass.
Weddings – Custom Wine Charms are also a tasteful keepsake for wedding guests!
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