Specialty carriers are tailored to meet a variety of special needs. Branded Stadium Tote Bags are designed to meet emergent event security requirements by providing attendees with imprintable clear plastic tote bags to carry their personal belongings through security lines with ease. Custom Wine Totes range from engraved classic wooden boxes to freezable wine totes and economical laminated paper eurotote wine bags (continued below).

Custom Printed Clear Stadium Totes
Clear Stadium Totes

Custom Printed Picnic Baskets
Picnic Baskets

Custom Printed Water Bottle Lanyard
Water Bottle Lanyards

Custom Printed Water Proof Beach Capsules
Waterproof Capsules

Custom Printed Wine Carriers
Wine Carriers

Imprinted Picnic Baskets are a modern twist on long-time family favorites for indoor and outdoor events alike. Many feature insulated compartments or complete picnic sets. For those who have to have their cells even when they're at the beach or pool, there are Logo Waterproof Capsules which are water resistant wallets for personal electronics, credit and debit cards and cash... for those who still carry cash. Finally, Promotional Water Bottle Lanyards let you hang your water around your neck.  They're great for a variety of summer fun... and anytime your hands need a break!

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