Imprintable logo coolers are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and materials.  In addition to traditional Hard-Side plastic and retro-metal coolers, there's a large selection of Soft-Side Coolers.  Because they can be folded, soft-side coolers can be more easily stored and more economically shipped.  In addition to promotional coolers designed specifically for lunches, there are a variety of other innovative coolers that are tailored for specific uses from backpacking coolers to inflatable pool float coolers. The cooler-seat combos could be a great fundraisers for intramural sports teams. The latest entry into the cooler segment is the Speaker-Cooler combos... just hook up to your phone and let the party begin.  Of course, who doesn't appreciate a Rolling Cooler at the end of that party?

Custom Printed Backpack Coolers
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Looking for Can and Bottle Insulators?

There's a few noteworthy considerations regarding Promotional Cooolers:

  • There are a variety of both name brand and generic cooler options.  Products from brands like Igloo® and Colemen® are increasingly available with custom imprints including wrap imprints.  In most cases, the imprints cannot cover the original brand names found on the coolers.  

  • Silkscreened imprints are typically priced per-color, per-piece, per imprint location.  In many cases, imprints may be limited to one color.  Set-up, optional services, taxes, shipping, etc. are extra.  

  • Select Igloo® coolers are available in a full-color (digital) wrap imprint.  The wrap is similar to a heavy duty shrink wrap that envelopes the sides of the cooler and is shrunk to the side of the cooler using heat.  While it is very durable, the wrap.

  • Coolers available with wrap imprints are can be customized in much lower order quantities than silk-screened coolers... sometimes as few as one!  This makes coolers a great custom gift option for birthdays, bachelor parties, holiday gifts and much more.

  • While frequently light weight, coolers are relatively large items as far as shippers are concerned.  As a result, they can be rather pricey to ship.   When purchasing higher quantities, it is recommended to ship via Freight.

  • Select coolers are also now available with individual personalization in specific locations.  For example, this can allow teams to imprint their school logo and mascot on the side of a beverage jug while personalizing each jug with the recipient's name on the lid.

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