With the proliferation of cell phones and tablets, it's probably of little surprise that tech gear is among the most popular promotional products today.   From Printed Cell Phone Cases and Logo Tablet Stands to Embossed Laptop Bags and Printed Earbuds, these tech promotional items are in big demand by advertisers and users alike.  Because of their popularity, Branded High-Capacity Power Banks and Customized Mobile Speakers are among the higher-value products companies offer employees as branded incentives as well as give to customers for sign-up or holiday gifts (continued below).

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From Logo Cable Holders and Printed Computer Brushes to Full-Color Custom Keyboards and Imprinted Pointing Computer Mouses, the selection of tech promotional items has rapidly evolved.  Today, there are hundreds of stocked styles of Brandable USB Flash Drives available with fully custom shapes possible.  Some considerations:

  • Some technology promotional products may require batteries for use which may or may not be included.  The description typically identified if batteries are included or not; if neither is identified, please ask so we can verify with the factory.  Included batteries may be shorter-life batteries than you might otherwise purchases over-the-counter.

  • When batteries are included, factories will frequently insert a piece of plastic between one end of the battery and the product to prevent the battery from being drained prior to first-use.  The plastic must be removed by the end-user before the product will work.

  • Imprint areas may be limited based on the design of a product and/or factory capabilities.  As such, it may not be feasible to print larger logos or designs on such products.  If this may be a concern for you, look for products with larger imprint areas or just ask us for assistance.

  • The memory used in flashdrives is considered a commodity with pricing subject to daily fluctuations.  While prices have been largely stable for quite some time, it is important to understand that quoted prices will be limited to a shorter duration than other products.  
  • Some products are designed for specific makes and models.  In particular, cell phone cases and tablet cases. These model-specific products can mean that minimum order requirements must be met for each specific phone model being ordered, however:

      • Many manufacturers are offering smaller minimum order quantities than ever before to minimize such issues.

      • It may be possible to order fewer than the listed minimum order quantity, however, this is rarely less than 50% of the posted minimum quantity.  For more information on this option, call 877-300-5005.

      • Factories are increasingly transitioning to "universal" Tablet Case designs which can accomodate a wide variety of models.  This is particularly true for tablet a.  rather than one specific make/model.

      • There are specific product line which will allow mixing and matching of their cases to meet minimum order requirements.  For more about specific options, just call us at 877-300-5005.

  • Mobile Chargers (e.g. car chargers, etc) can have different through-put of power.  Those with lower through-put will charge devices slower than those with higher ratings.  Likewise, lower rated devices may not be able to support simultaneous use of the device and charging.  This difference can explain why some devices are significantly lower priced than others (or vice versa). 

  • Custom Logo Power Banks have varying capacities for power stored on the device.  The power can range from as low as about 1000 mAh to 20,000 mAh or more.  The cost of the banks will increase as the capacity increases. The capacity will determine how long the bank will power devices, how full it will charge a device and/or how many times a fully-charged bank can be used to charge a device..

Need help?  Call 877-300-5005 for assistance.