If it's a writing (or pointing) instrument, you're in the right place.  With over 10,000 writing instruments including custom printed pens, printed markers, customized highlighters, promotional pencils and custom logo styluses, BNoticed is likely to have what you need in the color you need it. Custom Logo Pens aren't just a luxury, they're often a necessity as people often expect that you'll have a pen at ready access for their use... and re-use (continued below).  

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When selecting promotional pens, styluses and other writing instruments, consider:

  • Most custom printed pens are available in blue and/or black ink.  Depending on the factory, both colors may or may not be available.  If you have a specific preference, be sure to let us know.  Keep in mind that black ink can be more easily photocopied and scanned.  Also, some financial and legal institutions may require use of black ink.

  • The tip of ink pens may be fine, medium, thick, gel or even fountain-style.  Choose custom logo pens that offer the desired tip to ensure your satisfaction.  Ensure the tip is appropriate for your anticipated use of the pen.  For example, use thinner tip pens when used for compact forms.  If the tip of a pen is not listed but is important to you, just give us a call.

  • Select pens that are comfortable to grip for the average user for a reasonable period of time.  Extremely thick (or thin) pens as well as very short or long pens can be awkward or even uncomfortable to use.  While many businesses with sign-in lists tend to use extremely large pens to discourage their removal, this can limit the usefulness of the pen as a marketing tool since it will only be seen by existing customers.

  • Test sample pens.  Always ensure that your promotional pens and markers write well.  A pen that doesn't write smoothly, that skips or that leaves globs of ink will reflect poorly on your business.  Select a pens that impresses rather than the cheapest pen you can find.
  • When purchasing pens as gifts:

      • Keep in mind that pens with greater weight are often perceived to be more valuable. As such, feather-lightweight pens may not appear to be as impressive as their more substantial counterparts.

      • Consider ordering heavy-duty gift boxes that are sized appropriately for gift pens.

      • Add a touch of class by using imprint gift boxes or personalize with recipient's name.

      • For gift pens and boxes, avoid imprinting with phone numbers and/or websites in order to maintain a cleaner, high-end appearance.

  • Plan early for orders and re-orders.  Allow adequate time to obtain samples for testing when selecting pens that you haven't ordered before. While pens may appear to be the same, they may be made by different factories with different capabilities unless they are "exact reorders".

  • Don't imprint too much information on your promotional pens and logo styluses.  The height of the imprint area on most pens is very limited.  If imprints are too small, circular portions of the letters can fill.   Even when selecting pens with larger areas (or wraps), it's important that your information is easily read by most users from a reasonable distance.  Include your logo and phone number and/or website.  With this information, users should be able to find your company.

  • Select writing instruments at a price point that will allow you an adequate supply for your budget.  Don't hesitate to give customers more than one to take with them... those same pens and pencils are often the source of referrals to your business.  Have your team members leave pens and pencils behind at banks and stores for the use of other customers who will see your logo and phone number.

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