Custom Mood Products, also known as Color Changing Products, appear to change colors with changes in temperature or exposure to light. Some products will change colors when warmed by your hands (assuming they're not cold, of course) while others will change colors when exposed to the sun (e.g. UV light).  In the case of drinkware, the color changes when cold liquids are added to the cup or bottle (continued below). 

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There are a wide range of products available from Custom Mood School and School Supplies to Logo Mood Wristbands and, of course, the Branded Mood Drinkware. There's even Logo Mood Cell Phone Wallets and Printed Mood Spoons for lunch. 

When selecting mood and color changing products consider:

  • Color-changing products typically change colors gradually, not instantly. Likewise, products will gradually change back to original colors once stimulus is removed (e.g. body heat, sun light, etc.). 

  • Color-Changing is dependent on external factors to bring about the changes. The specific factor, of course, is what causes the change in color for each product such as the warmth of people's hands (cold hands don't work), sun or UV light (cloudy days can be a problem), temperature of liquid held in drinkware (room temperature liquids may not work), etc.  

  • Colors may not change across entire of the product.  For example, products that change color in your hand will change in the areas affected by your body heat while other areas may remain the original color.  There may be a gradual change between the two colors in between.  There may also be some components of the product that do not change colors. 

  • Severe weather conditions can effect the color changing.

  • Starting and ending colors of mood product are limited to options shown for each products.  Not all color combinations are possible/available.   

  • Ink colors used for imprint do not change colors (unless specified in description of product).  

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