BNoticed offers one of the largest selection of Promotional Plush Toys available. Logo Stuffed Animals are typically customized by accessories that accompany the plush toy. Most frequently the imprint is on a t-shirt or scarf.  In addition to standard designs, fully Custom Stuffed Toys are available for those who need larger quantities and who have longer lead times (continued below). 

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When selecting Custom Plush Toys consider:

  • Be sure to look at the size of toys when making your selection. Note that factories measure plush toys from the highest point to the lowest when fully extended. While toys may be pictured in the seated or other positions, the size is measured when the toy is fully extended (e.g. "from tip to tip"). 

  • While standard imprints can vary from product to product, imprints are most commonly silkscreen imprints in one-color and in one-location (e.g. front or back of shirt). Additional colors (or full-color transfer or digital) may be available at an additional cost.  Imprints other than the standard imprint listed will be quoted upon request and submission of artwork.  

  • Most factories offer a variety of standard t-shirt (or customizable accessory) to choose from.

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