Custom Logo Light-Up and Glow Products are made to capture attention with colorful luminosity or blinking LEDs.  With Logo LED Drinkware, Logo Light-Up Ice Cubes, Printed Ice Buckets and other bar supplies, they're ideal for night clubs and bars.  Combine those with Branded LED Maracas, Customized LED Whistles and Logo Glow Necklaces, you're ready for a variety of special events from New Year's Eve Parties and Birthday Bashes to Proms and Graduation Parties (continued below). 

Custom Printed Light Up Balls
Balls - Light Up and Glow

Buttons & Badges - Light Up and Glow

Caps/Hats - Light Up and Glow

Custom Printed Light Up Coasters
Drink Coasters - Light Up and Glow

Custom Light Up Pitchers
Drink Pitchers - Light Up and Glow

Custom Printed Light Up Drinkware
Drinkware - Light Up and Glow

Flyers - Light Up and Glow

Custom Printed Light Up Ice Buckets
Ice Buckets - Light Up and Glow

Custom Printed Light Up Ice Cubes
Ice Cubes - Light Up and Glow

Custom Light Up Jewelry
Jewelry - Light Up and Glow

Maracas - Light Up and Glow

Message Fans
Message Fans - Light Up and Glow

Pens - Light Up and Glow

Custom Printed Light Up Serving Trays
Serving Trays - Light Up and Glow

Custom Printed Light Up Sticks
Sticks - Light Up and Glow

Custom Printed Light Up Stirrers
Stirrers - Light Up and Glow

Custom Printed Light Up Straws
Straws - Light Up and Glow

Sunglasses and Glasses - Light Up and Glow

Whistles - Light Up and Glow

Wristbands - Light Up and Glow

Yo Yos - Light Up and Glow

Custom LED Badges/Buttons and eye-catching LED Hats/Caps are a great way to help capture attention at Tradeshows. Take it outside with Printed Glow-in-the-Dark Flyers.  There are even Custom LED Pens for those fun workplaces... or those where employees work well after the lights go out!

When selecting light-up and glow products consider:

  • Traditionally, suppliers will use the term "Light-up" in reference to LED lighted products which typically require batteries.  "Glow" products, on the other hand, are typically glow as a result of the luminous qualities of the material(s) used to make the product. For example, "Glow in the Dark" products that are luminous after exposure to the sun or when broken to allow mixing of chemicals (as in glow sticks). Unfortunately, some suppliers use the terms interchangeably these days.  However, product descriptions will typically clarify the means of lighting or glowing.  If there are any questions, just call 877-300-5005 for assistance.

  • While LED products will include a battery, there are some products that may not.  This may account for dramatically different prices for similar products.  The product descriptions should clarify as to whether a battery is included with each product.  If not, just ask us at 1-877-300-5005.  

  • NOTE!  It's important to note that many lighted and glow products are one-time use meaning that there is not an off/on capability. Glow products that glow by mixing of chemicals such as Glow Sticks and Glow Necklaces are examples of one-time use products.  

  • NOTE! It's also important to note that battery operated products may include batteries that are not replaceable.  In effect, once the energy stored in the battery is depleted, the product will no longer be capable of lighting-up.  In some cases, the battery is not replaceable due to the need to seal it from moisture or for similar purposes.  It can also help to reduce manufacturing costs by limiting parts and assembly requirements in order to provide the product at a lower price.

Need help?  Call 877-300-5005 for assistance.