Logo Toys, from Custom Flying Disks and Imprinted Toy Balls to Custom Logo Dice and Branded Stress Relievers, are among the most popular Tradeshow Giveaways.  A Promotional Coin Bank in the shape of a house can encourage children to save while reminding their parents of home loan offerings.  An Logo Engraved Kaleidoscope can be a unique gift for the client that has everything.Promotional Toys with logo are an ideal way to deliver fun for a variety of uses (continued below): 

Custom Bobble Heads
Bobble Heads

Custom Logo Boomerangs

Custom Logo Slinky Toys
Coil Toys

Custom Logo Coin Banks
Coin Banks

Custom Logo Decision Makers
Decision Makers

Custom Logo Dice

Custom Logo Executive Toys
Executive Toys

Custom Logo Flyers

Custom Logo Kaleidoscopes

Custom Logo Magnetic Sculptures
Magnetic Sculptures

Custom Logo Newton Toys
Newton Toys

Custom Logo Paddle Ball Sets
Paddle Ball Sets

Playing Cards & Sets
Playing Cards & Sets

Custom Puzzles

Custom Logo Rubber Ducks
Rubber Ducks

Custom Logo Stress Relievers
Stress Relievers

Custom Logo Toy Balls
Toy Balls

Custom Logo Toy Cars
Toy Cars/Trucks

Custom Logo Yo-Yos

A few things to consider:

  • Do you want something Fun or Funny?  Often a product that is fun to look at may not be particularly enjoyable (or appropriate) to play with.  For examples, Bobble Heads can look great on a desk or office shelf but probably wouldn't be too engaging for play.  

  • What level of physical activity is appropriate?  If the intent is to offer children something to entertain themselves with while waiting for an appointment, a Boomerang is probably not the best choice.  Instead, consider a Puzzle, Coloring or Activity Book rather than a Boomerang.    

  • How many players would be participating and what ages?  If you want to encourage family activities or social play, look for products that can readily support multiple players and that would be entertaining for the various ages involved.  For example, Playing Cards can be entertaining for many younger and older adults alike.

  • Are complementary products required?  Offering children a Coloring Book as to entertain themselves while at a Medical Clinc might not be effective without Crayons.  

  • Do you have a theme?  Many schools have mascotts which serve as a focal point of logo products.  Similarly, many events are designed around a central theme (e.g. Tropical Themes, Western Themes, etc.) that promotional products are expected to reflect. Look for items that have a wide range of stock styles like stress logo toys, coin banks and rubber ducks. 

  • Consider the maximum imprint area relative to your logo when choosing a product.  Some smaller and more unique shape products might have relatively small imprint areas.  Larger logos may not fit within these areas and/or smaller fonts may be be too small to read or may fill (i.e. circular portions of letters can fill)

  • IMPORTANT! Consider the intended age of users of your promotional product.  Do not offer young children (e.g. children under 3 years old) toys that are intended for older children and adjults as they may present potential choking hazards (i.e. small toys, toys with small parts, etc.).   If there are any question, just ask.

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