These custom logo accessories are wearable items that accent or augment apparel.  These might be items that you wear around your wrist such as custom logo jewelry, watches or printed wristbands; or items you wear around your neck such as Logo Necklaces or Imprinted Dog tags; or even items that hold your hair in a pony tail like Custom Scrunchies. They could also be items that you attach to your clothing such as Custom Lapel Pins or Branded Zipper Pulls (continued below).

Custom Cuff Links
Cuff Links

Custom Printed Military Style Dog Tags
Dog Tags

Custom Logo Hair Scrunchies
Hair Scrunchies & Ties

Custom Lapel Pins
Lapel Pins

Custom Necklaces and Beads
Necklaces & Beads

Customi Logo Handbags
Purses and Handbags

Custom Logo Rings

Custom Temporary Tattoos
Temporary Tattoos

Custom Tie Tacs
Tie Tacs

Custom Printed Watches

Custom Printed Wristbands

Custom Zipper Pulls
Zipper Pulls

Promo Fashion Accessories are items that are not only seen by the wearer but which are displayed for others to see.  Because most of these items are seen by others, they're a great item for organizational branding, including sports teams, schools and clubs.  For this reason, they're also great for fundraising to support those organizations as well as a wide range of causes.