Promotional Personal Accessories include items that recipients typically carry in their pocket or purse, for example: Custom Logo Key Chains, Customized Pocket Knives, Embossed Wallets and Imprinted Business Card Holders.  In handbags, you might find slightly larger items such as Custom Mirror Compacts, Printed Coin Purses and Imprinted Coupon Keepers.  They might also be carried on the cell phone you're already toting as in the case of Printed Credict Card Holder (a.k.a. Custom Cell Phone Wallets)? (continued below).

Custom Business Card Holders
Business Card Holders

Customized Cigar Accessories
Cigar Accessories

Custom Printed Coin Purses
Coin Holders/Purses

Custom Printed Compact Mirrors
Compact Mirrors

Custom Printed Coupon Keepers
Coupon Keepers

Custom Printed Credit Card Holders
Credit Card Holders

Custom Printed Dental Mirrors and Floss
Dental Mirrors & Floss

Custom Printed Guitar Picks
Guitar Pick Accessories

Custom Printed Handbag Hanger
Handbag Hangers

Custom Printed Key Chains

Custom Logo Lighters

Custom Printed Lottery Scratcher
Lottery Scratchers

Custom Logo Lottery Ticket Holders
Lottery Ticket Holders

Custom Logo Matchboxes and Matchbooks
Matchboxes and Matchbooks

Custom Logo Money Clips
Money Clips

Custom Printed Pocket Knives
Pocket Knives

Custom Logo Travel Wallets
Travel/Passport Wallets

Custom Printed Umbrellas

Custom Logo Walking Sticks and Canes
Walking Sticks and Canes

Custom Logo Wallets

These custom logo promotional items, along with your logo appearing on them, are the type of items that will be seen by their recipients multiple times in a day as they are added, removed and returned to users pockets or handbags. Just imagine what you might pay for social media ads (or newspaper ads) in order to gain that much repeated exposure to your target marketing audience. 

Tips for choosing the right custom logo merchandise for your customers:

  • Look for products designed for your industry like Customized Dental Floss for Dentist Offices or Printed Travel Wallets for Travel Agents.  

  • Consider products that are shaped to support your theme.  For example, fundraise for Heart Health Month in February by selling Logo Heart Shaped Key Chains.  If you're promoting a concert event, how about Custom Printed Guitar Picks?

  • If you are promoting your retail store(s), offer promotional products that can be used with the products you sell to encourage sales. Logo Lottery Scratcher can be used for marketing of convenience stores selling lottery scratch-off cards.

  • Keep in mind your target customer's gender and age group. For example, Custom Compact Mirrors are probably best giveaways for women. Custom Lighters, Printed Matches and Cigar Cutters should be limited to adjusts who are of legal age.    
  • What hobbies are most frequently enjoyed by your customers? If they're more likely to enjoy cooking, consider Printed Coupon Keepers, for example.

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