Custom Logo Eyewear Accessories can be great stand-alone promotional products or as an add-on to Eyewear.  Sunglass Straps, also called Sunglass Retainers attached to the end of each sunglass arm and wrap around the back of a wearer's head to keep sunglasses from falling off.  The Straps are also referred to as Sunglass Floaters since they are often made from neoprene (i.e. wetsuit material) which can help sunglasses float if they do fall off during water activities.(continued below):

Custom Printed Croakies and Sunglass Straps

Custom Logo Eyeglass Cleaner Ktis
Eyeglass Repair Kits

Custom Printed Eyeglass Cases and Holders
Eyewear Cases and Holders

Custom Printed Eyeglass Cleaners
Lens Cleaners

Personalized sunglass accessories and holders, including pouches and clips are also great accessories. Custom Sunglass Visor Clips include a clips that hold sunglasses while attaching to a car's sun visor.

Branded Lens Cleaners are increasingly popular promotional products since cloth cleaners can be used to clean eyewear as well as the plethora of tech gadgets we own today.  Since repair kits have become increasingly difficult to find on store shelves, they can be particularly appreciated promotional products today. These kits typically include small screws and appropriate size screw drive with a small magnifying glass that allows for repair and/or re-attachment of loose arms on eyewear.

In addition to offering as add-on or stand-alone promotional products, eyewear and sunglass accessories are great resale items for any location selling branded or souvenir eyewear.  Customized Sunglass Straps or Sunglass Floaters are particularly great souvenir items in locations featuring water sports including swimming, surfing, water skiing and much more.  

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