Over the last several years, Custom Logo Sunglasses have become one of the most popular promotional products.  Custom promotional sunglasses are particularly popular with Millennials and their kids.  They're used as part of both business marketing campaigns as well as for organizational branding both on and off campus. Higher priced Brand-Name Sunglasses are typically preferred for gifts. Brand-Name Sunglasses may not allow custom imprints or may have specific imprinting limitations/requirements.

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The selection of custom promotional sunglasses available has grown substantially with more styles, colors and imprint options today than ever before.  Popularity of promotional sunglasses exploded with the introduction of economical Neon-Colored Plastic Sunglasses.  New frame colors including varying combinations of colors with black frames and/or arms were quickly introduced. From there, more economical styles including Aviator Sunglasses and Novelty Shaped Sunglasses evolved along with unique frame finishes including Bling, Metallic and Tie Dye. There are even options for custom color frames for those who want the frames to match corporate color(s).

The typical imprint location for brandable sunglasses is on one arm at the temple.  For an added fee, most suppliers offer the option for a 2nd location imprint on the opposite arm. A more limited selection of sunglasses offer additional imprint options including imprinting in the corner of a lens or all-over imprints on the frames and/or lenses. 

Some considerations relative to promotional sunglasses:

  • All-over imprinted sunglasses may limit visibility and should not be used when driving or operating heavy/dangerous equipment or machinery. 

  • Due to dimensions of the product, arm imprint areas are very limited in height.  As a result, it may not be feasible to imprint some logos.  Arm imprints lend themselves best to straight line text of limited length.  Logos of limited height may be possible.  We will advise if a problem is anticipated.

  • Some glasses may not include tinted lenses.  For example, Slotted/Shutter Sunglasses include horizontal bars intended to provide shading to the eye. LED Sunglasses and some All-Over Imprinted Sunglasses may not include tinted lenses (e.g. to accommodate indoor use, etc.).  Please ask if lenses are tinted if not specified in the product description.

  • The charge for imprinting in the 2nd location is typically limited to a per-piece "run charge" if the exact same design (i.e. including identical size of the same design) is imprinted in the 2nd location.  If a different design is used for the additional location, most suppliers will require a new "set up charge" in addition to the per piece run charge. Required set-up and run charges will be included on quotes as long as we are advised of imprint requirements.

  • Sunglasses are typically one-size-fits-all.  While the custom logo sunglasses are sized to fit most users, some individuals may find the glasses too large or too small.  If there is any question, we strongly suggest that you obtain a sample to help you assess further.  All that said, there is a very limited selection of child or kids sunglasses that are available for some styles.

  • The selection of seasonal or holiday themed novelty sunglasses may vary based on the time-of-year.  Quantities may be limited s and restocking may be delayed in off-season periods.

  • Consider each Personalized Sunglasses Case, Branded Gift Boxes or Custom Sunglass Leashes as an alternative to branding directly on the sunglasses.  This may be particularly appropriate for gift items.

  • Some imprint options are only available overseas.  Therefore, longer lead times may be required.  Expedited production and shipping will vary by factory.  However, due to Customs and Duty requirements, we are unable to guarantee delivery on overseas orders.

If you would like help please call 877-300-5005.