What was that old saying about "the fastest way to" someone's heart being through their stomach?  The same can be said about promotional food items including candy, snacks, baked goods and beverages.   If you've ever been to a trade show, you've probably seen that the booths offering food giveaways such as free cookies, candy, baked goods, and cold water can have some of the biggest crowds.  If you want to make your client's office staff happy to see you visit bring chocolates, brownies or snacks.

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Branded food typically means that the container holding the food products is branded in some manner.  For example, it might mean that the individual packaging around the food is imprinted (e.g. imprinted tin, custom wrapper or printed ribbon).  In other cases, the food itself is imprinted using edible food coloring as in the case of some iced cookies, crispy treats and mints.  Similarly, some products are made using custom molds including chocolates, lollipops and cookies.  It's worth pointing out that custom molds typically require special tooling that can increase set-up costs.  The specific method of branding utilized for each product typically appears on the product detail page.  

Chocolates and other perishable food may be subject to various shipping requirements depending on the time of year and weather conditions.  For example, because of the potential for melting, chocolates may require expedited shipping Mondays through Thursdays.  It's equally important to ensure that when received products are kept in temperature controlled areas.  

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