As more and more people become environmentally conscious, personalized garden gifts and promotional garden supplies continue to gain in popularity and increase in selection. Garden apparel, including Custom Embroidered Garden Aprons, Printed Garden Gloves and Customized Garden Hats, aren't just seen at the local Home and Garden stores. They're familiar in a resurgence of garden clubs, urban coops and suburban yards (continued below).

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Garden Aprons

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Garden Hats

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Custom Printed Seed Packets offer recipients the beauty of the flowers and the bounty food they bear.  Gardening aids like Imprinted Seed Depth Locators, Printed Garden Markers and Logo Rain Gauges provide the utility to more easily grow those same seeds. Customized Garden Tools, Sets and Totes are great custom gifts that give back to the earth as much as to their valued recipient.  And, surely, recipients will give thanks each time they kneel down on a Custom Logo Knee Pad.