Utility bags are typically designed with a specific purpose (or "utility") in mind and special features to support that utility.  For example, Customized Toiletry Bags typically include water resistant features making them more suitable for moist shower environments where their contents will be used; Branded Laptop Bags typically include sections for work papers as well as a cords and other business supplies as well as the laptop; (continued below)

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And, Custom Logo Luggage is designed to accomodate clothing while often featuring light weight, extendable pulls and rollers/wheels to make the luggage more mobile. Of course, some utility bags may be designed for a specific purpose but have evolved into additional uses. For example, Logo Backpack are probably used more by students than backpackers.

Branded Luggage, Custom Backpacks, Imprinted Messenger Bag and similar utility bags are frequently customized by embroidering on a pocket area. Most such imprints are limited in size based on the size of the pocket area. Embroidery pricing varies by size and stitch-count with larger sizes (where possible) and heavily stitched areas priced more.

Leather bags, such as Logo Leather Briefcases, are frequently imprinted by debossing logos into the leather material. In addition, some bags with leather tags, patches or inserts can often be debossed in on these surfaces as well.

While we frequently receive requests for large, edge-to-edge, full-color imprinting on luggage and other utilitiy bags, there are very limited choice available for such imprints on larger utility bags.  As sublimation and other advanced imprinting techniques evolve, we anticipate that these capabilities will be seen on increasinly larger utility bags... in the future.  Already, there are a few options for all-over, full-color drawstring bags using sublimated printing.  Since BNoticed has one of the largest selections of utility bags and luggage available for branding, you'll see them here as soon as they are available!