About Product Reviews

BNoticed welcomes Product Reviews from customers.  Product Reviews can be a valuable source of feeback for BNoticed as well as a useful tool for other site visitors to garner additional information, experiences and ideas about the subject products.

BNoticed has established the following guidelines for reviews of products found on this website to ensure overall accuracy, quality and usability of the reviews:

  • Reviews should be limited to the specific attributes of an individual product and/or its imprint. Attributes including appearance, functionality, size, weight, quality, durability, lead times, etc. are of most value. 
  • Please ensure that you are reviewing the actual product that you purchased or received a sample of from BNoticed.com by comparing product numbers.  There may be products that look very similar but which are manufactured by different suppliers and may include differences in material, features or other attributes. Likewise, imprint techniques may vary by manufacturer.
  • Reviewers are asked to be as specific as possible describing product attributes that they specificially liked or did not like and why.
  • Reviewers are encouraged to share how the products were used or offer ideas on how others might utilize the product for promotional campaigns, to support events, as gifts or other legal purposes.
  • Reviews may not include links to or make reference to any third-party websites, businesses or individuals. SPAM Reviews are strictly prohibited.
  • Reviews may not be used to promote other businesses, products or services.  Nor may reviews solicit competing or non-competing business in posts. 
  • Reviews from manufacturers, suppliers, other distributors, competitors or their employees are prohibited.
  • Reviews may not include any in appropriate language, verbal attacks, or defamatory comments.  Discriminatory postings of any sort are prohibited.
  • In addition to entering reviews on-line, customers may elect to provide reviews via email to Reviews@BNoticed.com or by emailing their Customer Service Representative. Reviews received by email may be posted to the website, using the reviewers first name only, unless otherwise requested by the reviewer.
  • BNoticed will review all comments prior to posting to ensure conformance with these guidelines.  BNoticed reserves the right to reject any comments that do not conform to these guidelines.
  • BNoticed reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time and without notice.
  • Site visitors who identify an offensive post or a post which does not conform to these guidelines are asked to notify BNoticed at Reviews@BNoticed.com.  Please include the product number associated with the review in question.